Is Tennessee Whiskey a Bourbon?

There are a many similarities between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey, but if it comes from Tennessee and it is charcoal filtered before it’s aged—it’s a Tennessee Whiskey.

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey is characterized by charcoal filtering called the “Lincoln County Process.” Like Bourbon, it is recognized as a “distinctive product” of the U.S. by 45 countries.

In the “Lincoln County Process,” the whiskey is filtered through a column of sugar maple charcoal. Like Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey must be aged for some time in new, charred oak barrels and cannot include coloring, flavoring, or other spirits. Each distillery has its own technique in producing and filtering whiskey through sugar maple charcoal.

The charcoal filtration is said to create a more distinctive mellow richness and dark color.


Can only be made in Tennessee


Follows the “Bourbon rules” (at least 51% corn)