Turmeric Clapton

Turmeric Clapton

1 1/2 part Bourbon
1/2 part Steeped Hochija Tea
1/4 tsp Lactic Acid
1/4 tsp Salt
1/2 part Long Pepper Syrup
3 part Milk

Turmeric Distillate Ice for mixing

For the turmeric distillate, start by measuring 1.5L of water in a large pot and add three tablespoons of dried turmeric powder. Place a medium sized bowl in the centre of the pot ensuring that the liquid does not go over the edge into the bowl. Turn the heat on to medium and place the lid of the pot upside down onto the pot. Once you notice the liquid is starting to steam, start adding ice cubes on top of the lid. This creates a makeshift still, as the liquid boils and evaporates, it hits the cold lid and trickles into the empty bowl in the centre of the pot, allowing you to capture a clean and earthy essence of turmeric. Pour the distillate into an ice cube tray and freeze. For the cocktail, we recommend making this in larger batches and reserving it in the fridge. Start by steeping the Hochija Tea and set aside. For the syrup, blend together 200g of cane sugar with 100g of water and 5g of Long Pepper until the sugar is dissolved, strain and reserve. Measure all the ingredients accordingly except for the milk and stir well. Lightly heat up the milk to a scald and stir into the first mixture. The milk should separate and capture any impurities. Let the mixture sit in the fridge for 12h and strain the mixture through a coffee filter. To prepare the cocktail, measure three parts into a shaker tin with ice and throw the cocktail between the tins to lightly aerate and chill. Serve with a Turmeric and long pepper coral tuile.

Recipe Creator: Loyd Von Rose – Park Restaurant

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