Gift of Dionysus


With my cousin Danny’s graduation coming up, I wanted to make a cocktail to celebrate him, and his namesake, the Greek god of festivity, wine-making, and pleasure (also ritual madness).

Gift of Dionysus is fruity, and effervescent, the perfect hot day drink. Bourbon adding depth and complexity to the cocktail while not overpowering it’s delightful refreshingness.

It’s a drink meant to be savored in moments of joy and celebration, invoking the spirit of one of mythology’s most vibrant deities!


1 oz Eagle Rare Bourbon
1 oz Lillet Rose
1 oz Aperol

Top with Prosecco


Expressed lemon twist


Highball Glass


Add bourbon, lillet rose, and aperol into a large highball glass filled with ice. Top with prosecco, stir lightly, then garnish with an expressed lemon twist.

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