Biscotti di Ceglie


Inspired by my love for travel, food, and mixology, this cocktail is a tribute to a moment I had while exploring southern Italy. Amidst the charming ambiance of a café, I discovered biscotti di Ceglie, a delightful treat harmonizing the flavours of cherry, almond, coffee and lemon. This culinary delight inspired me to craft a cocktail that would echo its essence. Bourbon is the perfect base spirit for this pastry-inspired cocktail, as the smooth vanilla and caramel notes blend elegantly with the beautiful flavours of biscotti di Ceglie, sending me back to a nostalgic moment that I will cherish forever.


1.25oz Amaretto
1oz Bourbon
0.75oz lemon juice
4 fresh cherries
4 generous dashes coffee bitters
Foaming bitters (or your foaming agent of choice)


Lemon Twist


Nick & Nora


Pit four fresh cherries, then muddle in a shaker with Amaretto, Bourbon and lemon juice. Add coffee bitters and foaming agent. Dry shake, then shake with ice. Double-strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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